The Team


Onur Basak,  principle investigator

A coffee loving molecular biologist pretending to be a computational scientist, and leader of my pack!

Tiziana Hey, PhD student

Generating a single nuclei reference atlases of the adult mouse reward system

Keith Garner, Senior Research Technician

Assisting the group primarily with cell culture, molecular biology and genotyping. Master modified lenti- and AAV viruses. His new hobby is the cell/nuclei sorting

Tarik Boulahlib, GED – Bachelor student

Quantifying the cellular & spatial composition of the adult brain through immunohistochemistry and referencing single cell RNAseq dataset(s) to validate the cellular composition

Joanna Sergieva, BiBc – Master student

Investigating the effect of intermediate filament isoforms on the invasiveness of glioblastomas

Abdool Al-Khaledi, BiBc – Master student

Conducting a computational analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data to better understand the Gene Regulatory Networks implicated in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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