The Team


Onur Basak,  principle investigator

A coffee loving molecular biologist pretending to be a computational scientist, and leader of my pack!

Tiziana Hey, PhD student

Generating single nuclei reference atlases of the adult mouse reward system

Keith Garner, Senior Research Technician

Assisting the group primarily with cell culture, molecular biology and genotyping. Master modified lenti- and AAV viruses. His new hobby is the cell/nuclei sorting

Abdool Al-Khaledi, BiBc – Master student

Conducting a computational analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data to better understand the Gene Regulatory Networks implicated in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pelin Saglam-Metiner, PhD student (Yesil Celiktas lab)

Bioengineering organoids to study how Rett Syndrome alters neurodevelopmental cell fate choices

Cecile Herbermann, BiBc – Master student

Investigating how alternative spicing is (dys)regulated in glioblastoma using computational tools

Jack Chen Ji Rong Jiang, BiBc – Master student

Generating a unifying single cell atlas of the adult reward system by leveraging in-house and published single cell atlases

Nik Heijmink, Neuroscience and Cognition – Master student

Dissecting GABAergic cell diversity in the adult ventral tegmental area by imaging molecule by molecule

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