The cellular diversity of the human brain is immense, which is generated through evolutionarily conserved developmental mechanisms. The system is robust enough to create functional masterpiece; yet is susceptible to failure that may lead to cognitive dysfunction


We aim to delineate the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind cell fate decisions of neural stem cells that lead to diverse cell types. A secondary goal is to determine how these mechanisms fail in mutations associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and malignancies. We use state-of-the art single cell sequencing techniques, CRISPR-mediated gene inactivation, mouse genetics and computational tools to run multidisciplinary, collaborative projects

This research can be described in three questions:

  1. Can we reconstruct the neural lineage trajectories at a single cell level?
  2. How do the epigenetic changes seen in neurodevelopmental diseases affect cell fate choices of neural stem cells?
  3. How are the lineage trajectories and epigenetic signals dysregulated in brain tumours?
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