Recent key publications

Basak O, Krieger T, Muraro M, Wiebrands K, Stange DE, Aldeguer JF, Rivron RC, van de Wetering M, van Es JH, Oudenaarden A, Simons B, Clevers H. Troy+ brain stem cells cycle through quiescence and regulate their number by sensing niche occupancy. PNAS, published online Jan 8; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1715911114.

Basak O*, Beumer J*, Wiebrands K*, Seno H, Oudenaarden A, Clevers H. Induced quiescence of Lgr5+ stem cells in intestinal organoids enables differentiation of hormone-producing enteroendocrine cells. Cell Stem Cell, 2017, Feb 2; 20(2):177-190.

Giachino C*, Basak O*, Lugert S, Knuckles P, Obernier K, Fiorelli R, Frank S, Raineteau O, Alvarez-Buylla A, Taylor V. Molecular diversity subdivides the adult forebrain neural stem cell population. Stem Cells, 2014, 32: Jan; 32(1):70-84.

Basak O*, Giachino C*, Fiorini E, Macdonald HR, Taylor V. Neurogenic subventricular zone stem/progenitor cells are Notch1-dependent in their active but not quiescent state. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2014, 32 (16):5654-5666.

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