Recent key publications

  • Basak O, Krieger T, Muraro M, Wiebrands K, Stange DE, Aldeguer JF, Rivron RC, van de Wetering M, van Es JH, Oudenaarden A, Simons B, Clevers H. Troy+ brain stem cells cycle through quiescence and regulate their number by sensing niche occupancy. PNAS, published online Jan 8; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1715911114.
  • Basak O*, Beumer J*, Wiebrands K*, Seno H, Oudenaarden A, Clevers H. Induced quiescence of Lgr5+ stem cells in intestinal organoids enables differentiation of hormone-producing enteroendocrine cells. Cell Stem Cell, 2017, Feb 2; 20(2):177-190.
  • Giachino C*, Basak O*, Lugert S, Knuckles P, Obernier K, Fiorelli R, Frank S, Raineteau O, Alvarez-Buylla A, Taylor V. Molecular diversity subdivides the adult forebrain neural stem cell population. Stem Cells, 2014, 32: Jan; 32(1):70-84.
  • Basak O*, Giachino C*, Fiorini E, Macdonald HR, Taylor V. Neurogenic subventricular zone stem/progenitor cells are Notch1-dependent in their active but not quiescent state. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2014, 32 (16):5654-5666.


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