Job openings

Research internships
We are currently searching for master interns for bioinformatics projects (21/22).

Available projects are:
– Autism spectrum disorder linked gene regulatory network analysis during neural development using published scRNAseq data
– Determination of how epigenetics control cellular identity via integration of newly generated scRNAseq and single cell epigenomics data

Requirements: The students have to be enrolled at a master program. Both projects require basic knowledge of R and python, additional knowledge on bash and developmental neuroscience are appreciated. Please note that simply taking online introductory courses or displaying interest in doing so are not sufficient to carry out the project. The students are expected to have used their programming skills in some way; either supervised at bachelor level, as part of an advanced course (e.g. at their master program) or by themselves to hone their skills.

Applications: Please contact the PI indicating the project you are interested in and your motivation (very short and clear) via email. Do not forget to include your CV

Important note: We will not get any experimental research master research interns for the 21/22 period


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