Leptin targets spatially diverse neurons

Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by fat and signals the need to stop eating and increase energy expenditure via leptin receptors (LepR). Various hunger and reward centers in the brain contain different LepR expressing neurons. The primary leptin center is the well-studied arcuate nucleus. Other hypothalamic nuclei are less abundant in leptin receptorContinue reading “Leptin targets spatially diverse neurons”

6th International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey (2-8 September 2018) will take place in Izmir

Thanks to the kind invitation of the organisers, I will be participating to the annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey as an invited speaker. The talk will take place on the 6th of September, 15:30. Looking forward to it! http://www.ibg.edu.tr/molbiyokon18

Dissecting Hematopoietic stem cell fate using Ki67-RFP knock-in mouse line

  Congrats to Tatyana Grinenko and Ben Wielockx from Dresden, Germany! The collaboration we initiated around 2 years ago, using the Ki67-RFP mouse line to identify and purify dividing blood stem cells, is now a part of the recent Nature Communications article “Hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into restricted myeloid progenitors before cell division inContinue reading “Dissecting Hematopoietic stem cell fate using Ki67-RFP knock-in mouse line”

PNAS publication on adult neural stem cell dynamics

Adult mammalian tissues contain stem cells that contribute to tissue homeostasis and regeneration, with potential therapeutic applications. Specialized niches regulate their fate. Here we evaluated quantitatively how the subependymal zone niche regulates neural stem cell (NSC) number in the adult mouse brain. Using knock-in reporter alleles and single-cell RNA sequencing, we show that the WntContinue reading “PNAS publication on adult neural stem cell dynamics”